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    All young people and adults deserve to play the sports they love without barriers. However, lack of equitable access to equipment, programming, and resources means that many never get the chance. That's why we work with partners from around the world to ensure that individuals and communities have the opportunity to play softball and baseball in a fun and inclusive way that enables players to have the tools and support that they need to thrive on and off the field.

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    Our Mission + Vision

    As the charitable arm of Philadelphia Adult League Softball, we work with partners and communities around the world to expand access to softball and baseball for young people and adults, and our programs emphasize inclusion and fun while promoting gender equity, youth development, and social justice. We focus on long-term partnerships that engage and support individuals often marginalized in sports and our current initiatives are in Sierra Leone, Belize, and Philadelphia.


    Our vision is a world where sports are always inclusive, accessible, and equitable for everyone, and where young people and adults can play the sports they love without barriers and with the holistic support, encouragement, and resources that they need on and off the field.

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    Our Values

    Everything that we do is based in our core values of:

    • Collaboration + Partnership
    • Diversity + Inclusion
    • Participation
    • Fair Play
    • Fun
    • Gender Equity

    We never charge partners or participants for our programming or services.

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    Our Model

    We support the partners and communities where we work in four primary ways:

    • Facilitating free youth and adult clinics, camps, leagues, programs, and community outreach events that incorporate our core values
    • Offering softball and baseball training assistance
    • Contributing equipment donations
    • Providing programming and developing collaborations that complement our on-field activities and enhance the wellbeing of program participants and community residents off the field
  • Where We Partner

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    Sierra Leone

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  • “Sports change the community and can save many, many lives.”

    — Shane Williams, Belize City Softball Association

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