• Our Values

    Everything that we do and all of our decisions are based in the following core values:

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    Collaboration + Partnership

    We are stronger when everyone works together as a team and can support and learn from one another, making it easier to reach our collective goals. Partnering means that we can do so much more and we value, respect, and seek out the insight, experience, and guidance of every organization with which we collaborate.

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    Diversity + Inclusion

    We prioritize actively reducing barriers and creating a welcoming space where individuals who are often marginalized in sports–because of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, gender identity or expression, orientation, language, nationality, disability, immigration status, religion, or age–can feel free and safe to participate as their authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging. Everyone should be able to benefit from sports–not regardless of who they are but because of who they are–and everyone should not only see themselves represented in sports but feel equally valued in sports.

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    Process matters, and everyone who is a part of our programming and in the communities where we partner deserves to have their voices heard and to have an active role in shaping what we do and how we move forward. We also take concrete steps to ensure that everyone who wants to participate, can participate.

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    Fair Play

    We believe that how you play the game–and the lessons and skills learned while playing–is more important than the outcome, and our programs prioritize being good sports, being gracious and generous in spirit towards other players, and being respectful and understanding of everyone on and off the field.

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    Every child and adult deserves to experience joy while playing sports in a welcoming, positive, and safe environment, and we foster enjoyment, camaraderie, participation, learning, and skill-building in our programs. We also celebrate a range of successes–beyond just winning–on and off the field.

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    Gender Equity

    All girls and women have the right to fully experience all that sports have to offer without fear, discouragement, or discrimination, and to make choices about their own participation. Boys and men also deserve to be able to participate free from harmful gender norms and to have the opportunity to be advocates for equity. Our programs focus on getting girls and women into the game, creating an inclusive environment and providing support so that they can thrive, and taking concrete steps to reduce the barriers to their participation. In our programs, we see you for you, and everyone is welcome to participate as the gender with which they identify.