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    What We Do

    We support the partners and communities where we work in four primary ways:

    • Facilitating free youth and adult clinics, camps, leagues, programs, and community outreach events that incorporate our core values
    • Offering softball and baseball training assistance
    • Contributing equipment donations
    • Providing programming and developing collaborations that complement our on-field activities and enhance the wellbeing of program participants and community residents off the field

    Community Clinics, Events, + Programs

    We partner with recreation centers, camps, schools, community-based organizations, and fellow non-profits in Philadelphia, Belize, and Sierra Leone to introduce young people to softball and baseball and provide fun, safe, and positive recreational and development opportunities for kids of all skill and experience levels at no cost. We also incorporate activities such as kickball, trivia, Zumba, and more and provide snacks and/or meals. These clinics are on both a one-time and ongoing basis.


    In Sierra Leone, Softball for Success is our free community-based youth development and girls empowerment program for girls ages 12 to 18 in Sierra Leone that melds positive, inclusive softball instruction, practice, and games with holistic youth development activities including life skills and leadership workshops, cultural activities, community service, academic support, and team building opportunities. The program also seeks to develop positive, supportive adult connections and reduce barriers to participation by providing meals and transportation as well as school supplies, athletic clothing, personal care products, medical care, and nutritional support to help ensure participants needs are met off the field.


    Training Assistance + Adult Outreach

    In areas where softball and baseball are less common, we provide softball training assistance to adults and coaches of other sports to enable them to learn the game and be prepared to work with young people in an inclusive, positive way. We also sponsor and organize free CPR, first aid, and basic lifesaving skills trainings in coordination with our partners for coaches, community members, and youth workers so that they can effectively address injuries and emergencies that arise while working with young people.


    In Sierra Leone, Softball Salone is our free and inclusive mixed-gender adult slow-pitch softball league--with an emphasis on learning the game--that enables adult coaches and players to enjoy the many benefits that recreational sports can offering while also helping the participants to become more familiar with the game so that they are better positioned to work with young people as softball coaches, as adult involvement and investment is critical to the success of youth programs. The season incorporates training, instruction, and practice as well as league play.


    Equipment Donations

    We support our partners through new and gently used softball and baseball equipment donations, and also provide soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball equipment donations as needed, to help reduce barriers to play. We also contribute school supplies, personal care products, and first aid items to holistically support program participants.


    All of our programming is free of charge for participants and partners. Learn more about our ongoing partnerships in Sierra Leone, Belize, and Philadelphia.